Winged Weeder

The Winged Weeder, either for the garden or flower bed, does the work of almost all other tools. Within a year it typically becomes the tool of choice, and within two years the exclusive tool of use. Why? Because the Winged Weeder is easy to use, and like anything else easy to use...we use it!

Winged Weeder 100

  • Larger blade / longer handle
  • For use with traditional sized gardens (potatoes, tomatoes, etc), flower beds, or areas with plants spaced further apart (7"-8")
  • Stand up tool

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Winged Weeder 200

  • Smaller blade
  • For use with flower beds and smaller urban spaces
  • Stand up tool

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Winged Weeder 800 with telescoping handle

  • Same size as Winged Weeder 200 but with a telescoping handle
  • Goes from 36" to 61"
  • Tried and true telescoping handle weathers the test of time
  • Stand up to kneeling tool

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Winged Weeder 300

  • Smaller blade
  • For use with raised beds, flower pots and planters
  • Kneeling tool

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Winged Weeder 600

  • Precision Weeders weed in perrenial beds and quickly popout dandelions and thistles. T-bar handle for control and leverage.
  • Stand up tool

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Protect your plants with the Aqua Dome™ — your garden protector! It’s a one piece, translucent plastic, double walled, water insulated dome to cover your plants and protect them from the harshness of weather year around. It is large enough to fit around most young plants. It measures 16 inches in height, 13½ inches in diameter at the base and has a 5¾ inch diameter at the top. Just place this lightweight, self-standing dome over the plant and fill the chamber with water. It's that easy. No mess. No fuss. The Aqua Dome™ is easy to move even when filled with water. It has rigid walls and will not collapse on your plant. It is stackable for easy storage.

The translucent plastic transmits 70% to 75% of the diffused sunlight which encourages lush green growth. The water insulation absorbs the warmth from the sun during the day, then releases the heat during the cool of the night to keep the plants from freezing. The two walls of plastic, comprising the water chamber, provide 10 times the insulating effect of a single wall. Extend your growing season, protect your plants year around and enjoy the fruits of a bigger harvest, not only in number but in size and quality.

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The Winged Weeder is used for:

  • Weeding
  • Hoeing
  • Cultivating
  • Circular Tilling
  • Making Furrows
  • Seed Covering
  • Is a stand-up trowel
  • Edging the sidewalk or driveway
  • Edging the flower bed and garden
  • Aerating
  • Surface raking
  • Works efficiently in rocky, sandy, or clay based soils
  • Even scrapes ice from sidewalks

Quality Construction -

  • Spring steel blade sharpened on all sides
  • Durable metal handle
  • Heat treated shank
  • Solid steel rivets
  • By using the Winged Weeder, your weeding/gardening time will be greatly reduced!


    I don't use anything else! This tool saved my gardening life.

    Betty, Saskatoon
    Best product. Saved my back on that old hard Saskatchewan clay soil.

    Charlene, Saskatchewan
    Best hand tool I ever bought!

    Bill, BC
    ...I have a landscaping business and I use these Winged Weeders®...

    Brad, Grapeview, WA
    People in the Park Department used to steal mine. You can do of an quarter acre in thirty minutes...

    Jennifer, Seattle, WA
    ...I absolutely love my Winged Weeder

    Pat, WA
    This is a miracle tool! Great for seniors as well.

    Troy, Alberta
    We purchased a Winged Weeder Junior seven years ago. It truly works as stated, even better. Excellent tool. Fantastic!

    H, Alberta
    I bought a Winged Weeder eight years ago. It is the best garden tool investment I ever made. I have three large gardens and I weed them all in an hour.

    Diane, BC
    If I had to give up all the tools in my shed except one, I would keep my Winged Weeder. Easy to use and it really works - even on chickweed!

    Wendy, Calgary, Alberta
    They work really great...

    Dave, Seattle, WA
    ...These really help...

    Jean, WA
    ...I absolutely love my Winged Weeder®

    Pat, WA